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About Our Gay Guy/StraightGirl (GGSG) Reviews

~I’ll show you mine if you show me yours~

This isn’t a buddy read. Our co-reviews are done on a blind basis. We both choose the book we want to read, but from there on out we don’t discuss any of our thoughts before the review is live.  We think it’s more fun this way and we won’t influence each other.
Three Questions
We’ll form 3 questions for each other during our read to be answered in the comments below the review. Please feel free to join in our discussion, we’re always happy to know what you think.
To Our Readers

We review these books for you, the reader.  We simply enjoy sharing our passion and experiences with others.  We encourage “respectful” discussion regarding our reviews.  If you want to share your feelings, please feel free to post your comments.

Honesty is very important to us when reviewing a book.  We will tell you how a book worked (or didn’t) for us.  Although we receive ARC’s (advanced reading copies) or free Ebooks, that will not color our opinion of the author or story.

All the books on this blog have been purchased by us, or given to us as an ARC. We have NOT been paid for any book reviews.  We will not accept monetary payment for a review.

We may tend to be just slightly liberal with praise but it takes something very special to receive 5 stars.When we review a book we will do our best to consider the book’s intended audience.  We think it’s important to keep that in mind.   For example: If we review a dark, dramatic story it would be wrong to contrast it against the recent comedy we just finished.

Of course, it’s also important to choose a book based on your mood.  We will try to make it clear how the book made us feelThis should help you decide if this is a read you want to invest in, since it’s your time and money.

Typically, we like to review a book very quickly after finishing it.  Once in a while, however, we may need time to digest what we’ve read.  Usually, we don’t start on another read in this case.  Sometimes, you just want to live in that world for a little bit longer.

GGSG Ratings

GGSG Ratings

To Our Wonderful Authors

We love to review books! Apparently someone has noticed that because we get a lot of requests for reviews. We hope that means we’re doing it right. It also means that we can’t do it all. I don’t think either OJ or I want to turn into reading machines and so we do pick and choose books that appeal to us. This can range from an undiscovered shorts—or even an unpublished fanfic—to well known novels inside or outside our favorite genre.Whether or not we choose to review your book has a lot to do with timing. That’s just a fact, Real Life. We hope this doesn’t discourage you from inquiring about a review. We’re always happy to hear from you and if we can work your book into the queue we will.

Time restraints also mean that we aren’t able to respond to every request. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t notice. All requests go into a folder to be plucked from. We know your book needs an audience and we hope to be able to help you find it.

Thank you for giving us a chance to review your work.

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